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Belarus gets unmasked

IT industry is an ever-changing space. Software vendors and services providers are in the endless rush longing to seize the place in the Top 10 list, and you never know how it goes. Sometimes all they need is luck. That`s what happened to Masquerade.

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Clutch Estonia

Qulix Systems Named 2016 Top Estonia App Developer

We are happy to announce that we were named among 2016 Top Leading Estonian App Developers, by ratings and review firm, Clutch.

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Mobile Banking Rank 2015

Markswebb Rank & Report announced the results of the research on effectiveness of the Russian mobile banking services for private customers. 9 of the apps developed by Qulix made it into the final ratings.

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Qulix Banking Apps Hit Mobile Banking Usability Rating

The usability rating results give further evidence of the successful partnership Qulix has developed with VTB24 and Rosbank.

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Qulix Hits CNews Analytics’ Top Banking Software Providers List

CNews Analytics research group has published another annual survey on the Russian market for e-banking systems.

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